I have teamed up with the good folks at Rugged Material to bring you what I think is the perfect pocket slip for your custom folders.  Each of these little beauties is handcrafted of Horween Chromexcel leather in your choice of natural or black.  The size allows for a range of knives to fit and stay secure but still accessible.  The smooth finish of the Horween leather’s interior will protect your knife from pesky scratches from keys or pocket change.  These slips actually make it more comfortable to carry your pocket knife, distributing the weight and imprint of your knife in your pocket.

I have spent quite a few weeks testing one myself and I am very happy with how it performed.  The quality, durability, and lightweight nature of these is exactly what I was looking for when I started this project.  We are in the testing stages of a version that will include a pocket clip as well.

These clipless versions are now on sale and we will try and keep a steady inventory available.  Go grab yours now.